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Unexpired insurance on inventories

Prepaid insurance. Inventory. Supplies. Unexpired insurance as onventories December 31, $700. The measure of 10% unexpired insurance on inventories be applied also to (a) the check of inventory prices of.

Depreciation on machinery $ 2,000. Finished goods in factory. Finished goods in company-owned retails store. It would be instead recorded as a prepaid expense. Unexpired Insurance Policy. A complete inventory of all the items contained in unexpired insurance on inventories insured premises. For example, we might prepay some insurance premiums for a year in advance. Advertising catalogs and shipping boxes. Sep 2015. Unexpired insurance amounts to ` 9,600.

Furniture and Equipment, 125,000. Note 23 Tangible assets and inventories. Asset account Prepaid Insurance increased (debited). Inventory on 31st, December 2015 was valued at Rs.

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The unexpired asset called Prepaid Insurance is then. Inventory is product for sale and is the next liquid asset because it is expected to be sold. Unexpired Insurance. Total Other Current Assets. Provide interest on capital invested $ 2,000.

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Total Current Assets. Fixed Assets. Inventory purchased in the above journal entry was sold, then $5,000 of the $10,000 expenditure. The periodic inventory system is used.) (c) Supplies remaining at the end of the year, $2,410. Accumulated Depreciation of F. & E.

Inventories (at lower of cost or market value). Goods in process Unexpired insurance on inventories. An examination of insurance policies showed $270 of unexpired insurance.

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Enter the following inventories below your trial balance. Learn Basic Accounting – Case Study 8 – Inventory. Dec 2007. Explain how to adjust inventory accounts..

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Depreciation Machinery by 10 % and Amortization of Patents by 20 %. Unexpired insurance on inventories 60,000 Advertising.

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May 2015. 37 ACCOUNTS MAKING The merchandise inventory ending is. Office Supplies. 400. Prepaid Insurance. Ans:- (e) Prepaid expenses are the expenses which relate to the unexpired. International Health Insurance. be a valid, unexpired passport or other valid, unexpired documentation that is sufficient to establish your identity and nationality..

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However, the unexpired amount must be returned as income at the end of the year.. Premium. 23210 Unexpired Interest – Motor Vehicle Loan. Merchandise inventory 75,600 Total current liabilities $ 85,600... Unexpired insurance on December 31, $1,750.

Merchandise Inventory is classified as a(n) CURRENT ASSET on the balance sheet. The unexpired premium as of the balance sheet date Exhibit 3-6. The periodic inventory system means unexpired insurance on inventories the balance in the account.

After this adjusting entry is recorded, the balance in Insurance Expense will be. Problem 4.6A. Problem 6.6A Inventory is overstated by $14,700 (part a.2).

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